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Youtube Ads

TrueView in-stream ads

In-stream ads play before or during a video, where the viewer can choose to skip the ad 5 seconds after viewing. You, an advertiser pay based on clicks or if the viewer watches 30 seconds or to completion (whichever is shorter).

(Non-skippable) video ads

Non-skippable ads appear based on a range of signals, including content type and how a user discovered the video, to ensure optimal delivery. They can be 15-20 seconds long, depending on where the viewer is based.

TrueView video discovery ads

Formerly known as “In-Display” ads, TrueView Video Discovery requires a thumbnail and a few lines of text – that’s it! Video discovery ads appear alongside other related videos, in YouTube search or on Google Display Network websites that match your target audience.

6 Second bumper ads

Overlapping TrueView and non-skippable inventory, we have 6-second video ads that are designed to supercharge your company’s reach and frequency goals.

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